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Senior Unity Developer

Daniel Mullins Games is looking for a veteran Unity developer to take over as the primary developer of Inscryption. I’m looking for someone I can trust with the continuing development and maintenance of this game for months or years to come.

Possible Duties
  • Developing additional content such as secrets and seasonal events.

  • Adding features such as input remapping and Steam Workshop implementation.

  • Preparing OSX and Linux ports.

  • Additional localization support.

  • Fixing existing bugs and issues.

  • Integration of platform-specific DRM, social features, etc.

  • General development work on the next game.

Absolute Requirements

Please don’t waste your time applying if you don’t firmly meet each of these!

  • 5+ years of Unity + C# experience.

  • Experience working with a mid to large sized team on a Unity project.

  • Ability to provide an example of work via a public repo for a C# Unity project that demonstrates clean code and an understanding of good Unity practices. The repo should also demonstrate good source control practices.

  • Intuition for quality in games gained from playing many of them. Ability to apply this lens as a developer.

Bonus Points
  • Experience writing shaders in HLSL for Unity.

  • Unity Render Pipeline knowledge / experience.

  • Experience working on a shipped indie game.

  • Experience in a role other than programming (designer, artist, etc.).

  • Experience with network programming for multiplayer games.

  • Experience as a developer in a non-game domain such as web.

This posting is for 1 year of contract work which may be extended if we're both willing. The expectation is the equivalent of 4 work days per week with flexible hours.

As a tiny company with only a single employee (myself), it is not feasible to provide benefits for the position. I hope to compensate for this with a higher than average salary. Similarly, you will need to supply your own equipment.

To apply, email
Please include a resume, the link to the repo mentioned above, and a sentence or two about why you're interested and qualified :)

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