Summer Development Update for The Hex

Hello! It’s been a long stretch without a peep from me about The Hex. My silence means only that I have been spending my time making the game and taking little time to make posts about it. Progress has never slowed down, there’s just a ton of game to make!

What stage is the game at?

The Hex is completely playable from start to finish. This is a huge milestone for a scene-by-scene narrative game; if it were a book, every chapter would be written. I accomplished this at the end of June and since then I have been revisiting parts of the game that I feel are the weakest and improving them. There are still some rough edges to smooth out but I hope to enter a ‘beta’ phase starting in early August.

What have I been up to?

The months leading up to June had been spent mostly on the final chapter of the game. It’s a doozy. The final chapter takes place in 3D scenes with some 2D puzzle solving on computer screens in the same vein as The Witness. I worked with 3D art superstar @artofsully ( to create these scenes and they look fantastic. Minor spoiler: the final chapter also includes voice acting, from a very talented voice actor by the name of Michael Mola. By drawing gameplay and story elements from all the previous chapters I think this final section ties things together nicely.

I also recently completed the last few sections of the adrenaline filled top-down shooter chapter. This chapter comes second to last and is inspired by Hotline Miami in a lot of ways. @JonahSenzel (, the mastermind behind the music and sound of The Hex (and also Pony Island), has some particularly awesome music tracks for this section.

Interested in playing the beta?

I would love to send the beta to some people who are interested in this type of game to get feedback. You would have to be alright with slightly spoiling the experience by playing an incomplete and less stable version, but if you’re really eager send me an email at If I end up with a lot of requests I may have to be selective!

Thanks for reading, thanks for waiting! This crazy thing is the biggest game I’ve ever made and I’m excited to release it.

© 2016 Daniel Mullins